What do IT companies do?

IT companies such as FixIT Tek provide Professional IT Services to their clients. Professional, meaning something done by a trained or skilled person as opposed to an amateur. IT, of course, stands for Information Technology.

In short, companies that offer Professional IT services help organizations with computer-related problems and issues. This includes anything from installing new desktop computers to redesigning office networks to building custom applications for their customers.

But what exactly do Professional IT companies do? Here are some popular Professional IT services that a Professional IT company can render to its client:

Network Installation and Repair—A network is the internal connections between all your computers and peripheral devices inside your office space (printers, scanners, etc.). Networks allow you workstations share data with one another using different types of methods. Professional IT companies, especially those specializing in network services, can install and repair all types of networks.

Managed IT Services—As the name implies, Professional IT companies offering managed IT services take care of your existing computers and software at a fixed price or for a certain fee per workstation/per month. Normally, Professional IT companies offering Managed IT Services are responsible for updating your operating system (e.g., Microsoft Windows), antimalware applications (e.g., antivirus), browsers, drivers, etc. They also serve as an intermediary between you and other Professional IT companies who help their clients with custom programming needs.

Network Security Audit—Hacking has become one of the biggest problems organizations have to worry about today. Professional IT companies offer Network Security Audits to provide their clients with an assessment of the security risks and vulnerabilities that might be present in their current network infrastructure. Professional IT companies offering this service can suggest ways to fix these problems and can actually implement corrective measures, such as establishing Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), if needed.

Virtualization—Virtualization is one of the biggest trends today when it comes to Professional IT services . It basically allows multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single physical machine or server. Professional IT companies provide Virtualization because it increases system availability by allowing organizations to keep running even if their hardware fails. They can easily recover from such failures by switching over to other virtual machines (VMs) running on the same physical machine. Professional IT companies offering Virtualization can also solve other Professional IT problems such as insufficient space, or issues involving system speed and performance.

Application Development and Maintenance—Bespoke software is designed and developed by Professional IT companies to meet unique customer requirements. These Professional IT companies can provide Application Development and Maintenance services that streamline your internal processes, increase efficiency, and reduce production cost for your company. Professional IT companies usually create bespoke software using proprietary platform-independent programming languages (e.g., C#, Java). Lastly, they use industry-specific frameworks to build their applications so that these will match platform-specific hardware/software systems (e.g., Windows Operating System) required by corporate clients such as banks, telecommunications companies, and government agencies. Professional IT companies implementing onshore/offshore development strategies can also offer their clients cost-efficient solutions on how to reduce Professional IT expenses without having to sacrifice the quality of the services they provide.

Data Management Services—Normally, Professional IT companies providing Data Management Services help you store your organization’s data in different types of databases (e.g., Relational Database Management System [RDBMS], NoSQL) so that it will be easier for users to access relevant information whenever needed. They can also help you maintain existing databases or install new ones using industry-specific Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Professional IT companies offering Data Management Services can come up with modern software architectures that are flexible enough allow for future modifications on the fly. Professional IT companies can also provide Web-based data management services that make it easier for you to monitor your organization’s various data assets (e.g., Social Media, Email).

Network Operations Center (NOC) Services—Professional IT companies providing Network Operations Center (NOC) Services are responsible for maintaining constant uptime of their clients’ critical information systems. These Professional IT companies have professional Network Engineers who constantly monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve any Professional IT problems detected in their clients’ infrastructures 24/7/365. Professional IT companies implementing NOC Services can also help their clients with emergency server reboots when these are needed without having to go through the hassle of calling them over the phone. Professional IT companies can provide NOC Services via either on-site or remote means of communication (e.g., email, chat, phone).

Recruitment and Staffing—This Professional IT service is usually offered by Professional IT consulting and outsourcing companies since they have the needed manpower to fulfill their clients’ Professional IT needs. Professional IT recruiting and staffing services save time for Professional IT managers as well as technical recruiters because these Professional IT companies already know what kind of people their clients need based on their project requirements. They also offer flexible billing plans that can meet any budget for Professional IT projects such as software application development, maintenance, and testing. Furthermore, they help streamline your recruitment process by providing you with competency frameworks that will help you determine the Professional IT skills and expertise needed for particular Professional IT jobs. Professional IT recruiting and staffing services can also help benchmark your existing Professional IT staff’s performance as well as their Professional IT certifications to make sure that all Professional IT employees’ requirements are met.

Telecommunication Services—Professional IT companies providing Telecommunications Services (e.g., managed voice, messaging) help you enhance your internal business processes by allowing seamless integration between your information systems and telecommunications infrastructures. These Professional IT companies review and recommend different options on how to improve their clients’ telecommunication systems depending on their business goals and objectives. Professional IT companies offering Telecommunications Services can normally provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) features such as private branch exchange, call center, and video conferencing to their clients. Professional IT companies can also integrate your organization’s telecommunication system to its Professional IT services so that it will be easier for you to monitor all Professional IT incidents from one location.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services—Professional IT companies providing CRM services help Professional IT managers manage customer-related activities by automating information related to these Professional IT customers. Professional IT companies offering CRM services can provide a variety of ways on how management can communicate with their Professional IT clients through different modes such as blogs, forums, chat rooms, and phone calls. They can also implement different billing schemes depending on each Professional IT company’s needs and budget limitations. Professional IT companies offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services can also provide Professional IT services such as Professional IT support, Professional IT consulting, Professional IT outsourcing, etc. Professional IT companies providing CRM Services can integrate this service to their Professional IT Production Support so that it will be easier for Professional IT managers to monitor all Professional IT customer requests from one location.

Distillation—Professional IT companies providing Distillation services help you understand and distribute information based on your particular needs. These Professional IT companies look at the whole picture and not just what is presented because they know that there may be important details about a certain Professional IT project that other people might dismiss or ignore. They then distill these key points into an easily understandable format by applying their extensive knowledge in different sectors. Unlike other Professional IT companies, Professional IT companies providing Distillation services will not only do the Professional IT research for you but they will also present their Professional IT findings in an easy-to-understand manner.

Software Development Services—Professional IT companies providing Software Development services take your Professional IT operations to the next level by creating Professional IT software that is specific to your industry’s needs. Professional IT companies offering this service can provide Professional IT consulting, Professional IT outsourcing, Professional IT support, etc. depending on each client’s requirements. They are likewise dedicated to helping their clients achieve growth and success through their vast knowledge of Professional IT markets. Their experience in creating different types of systems including logistics management, inventory control, warehouse tracking system, credit card transaction processing systems, interactive voice response, etc. can help Professional IT companies provide their clients with Professional IT software that are best suited for their Professional IT industry.

Project Management services—Professional IT project management Professional IT service providers help Professional IT departments manage Professional IT projects by controlling the people, timelines, and finances involved in each Professional IT project. They will make sure that all of your Professional IT projects are performed on time and within budget through their strong knowledge of other sectors including information technology, finance, marketing, etc.

To summarize, the above-described articles describe different options offered by various types of professionals to improve an organization’s telecommunication systems depending on their business goals and objectives.

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