Why would a small business switch to cloud computing?

The cloud computing model has been growing in popularity since its introduction. The reason for this is that it offers small businesses the opportunity to use business class technology without having to deal with the overhead of maintaining, managing, and upgrading hardware. Instead, these operations are carried out by experts who run businesses on cloud computing solutions daily.

-No need to purchase local hardware or software licenses

-Easily scalable to meet business demand

-Access your data from anywhere at anytime

-Business continuity—data is securely backed up offsite automatically

What are some risks of cloud computing?

Cloud services can be expensive compared to an in-house solution, so you have to do the math before. There are also concerns about security, data loss, and regulatory compliance.

However, FixIT Tek has created a cloud service that offers small businesses the ability to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud computing without taking on the risks. FixIT Tek runs in-house but is accessible through any Web browser, meaning you can access your files from anywhere at anytime with no need for local hardware or software licenses. FixIT Tek also ensures business continuity by automatically backing up your data offsite using secure protocols daily, eliminating potential risks and downtime associated with losing vital information.

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